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8.2 Stratified model

This model is official in Spain and it follows Orden del 13 de Julio de 1993 del Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes del Reino de España, B.O.E. Martes 27 de Julio de 1993, página 22861, I. Disposiciones generales. Proyecto de conducciones de vertidos desde tierra al mar.

Density and thermal stratification: The intense heating caused by sunlight results in the formation of a light, warmer layer of water floating on top of a much larger mass of cold, dense water. Where these two bodies of dense water meet there is a zone of rapid change in the water temperature, called the thermocline or pycnocline. Such a thermocline is a permanent feature of both tropical and temperature waters. When the surface water of temperature seas is warmed in the summer a further seasonal thermocline can develop much closer to the surface. This is much stronger feature than the permanent thermocline in temperature waters. This thermocline plays an important role in determining seasonal changes in marine primary production in temperature seas. Thermal stratification represents a physical barrier to the mixing of the water column. There is little or no exchange of nutrient through a thermocline.


Canarina DESCAR software · river pollution modeling · algorithms 6

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