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Symbol / Definition

A = Linear decay term for vertical dispersion in Schulman-Scire downwash (dimensionless)

Ae= Effective area for open pit emissions (dimensionless)

D = Exponential decay term for Gaussian plume equation (dimensionless)

DB= Brownian diffusivity (cm/s)

Dr= Relative pit depth (dimensionless)

de= Effective pit depth (m)

dp= Particle diameter for particulate emissions (µm)

ds= Stack inside diameter (m)

Fb= Buoyancy flux parameter (m4/s3)

Fd= Dry deposition flux (g/m2)

Fm= Momentum flux parameter (m4/s2)

FQ= Plume depletion factor for dry deposition (dimensionless)

FT= Terrain adjustment factor (dimensionless)

Fw= Wet deposition flux (g/m2)

f= Frequency of occurrence of a wind speed and stability category combination (dimensionless)

g= Acceleration due to gravity (9.80616 m/s2)

hb= Building height (m)

he= Plume (or effective stack) height (m)

hs= Physical stack height (m)

hter= Height of terrain above stack base (m)

hs= Release height modified for stack-tip downwash (m)

hw= Crosswind projected width of building adjacent to a stack (m)

k= von Karman constant (= 0.4)

L= Monin-Obukhov length (m)


Canarina DISPER Software · air dispersion

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