Canarina DISPER software · air · environmental management · algorithms 12

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Canarina DISPER software · air · environmental management


Stable - Buoyancy Rise.

For situations where DT exceeds (DT)c as determined above, buoyancy is assumed to dominate. The distance xf is determined by


xf=2.0715 us s-1/2        (18) 


The plume height, he, is determined by


he=hs+2.6 [Fb/(uss)]1/3         (19)


Stable - Momentum Rise.

Where the stack gas temperature is less than or equal to the ambient air temperature, the assumption is made that the plume rise is dominated by momentum. Then,


he=hs+1.5[Fm/(uss1/2)]1/3       (20)


The equation for unstable-neutral momentum rise is also evaluated. The lower result of these two equations is used as the resulting plume height.




Canarina DISPER software · air · environmental management 

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