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Symbol / Definition

Ly= Initial plume length for Schulman-Scire downwash sources with enhanced lateral plume spread (m)

Lb= Lesser of the building height and crosswind projected building width (m)

_= Alongwind length of open pit source (m)

P(x,y)= Profile adjustment factor (dimensionless)

p= Wind speed power law profile exponent (dimensionless)

QA= Area Source pollutant emission rate (g/s)

Qe= Effective emission rate for effective area source for an open pit source (g/s)

Qi= Adjusted emission rate for particle size category for open pit emissions (g/s)

Qs= Pollutant emission rate (g/s)

Qt= Total amount of pollutant emitted during time period t (g)

R= Precipitation rate (mm/hr)

Ro= Initial plume radius for Schulman-Scire downwash sources (m)

R(z,zd)= Atmospheric resistance to vertical transport (s/cm)

r= Radial distance range in a polar receptor network (m)

ra= Atmospheric resistance (s/cm)

rd= Deposition layer resistance (s/cm)

s= Stability parameter = FUNC {g {{¶ theta}/¶z } over {T_a}}

S= Smoothing term for smoothing across adjacent sectors in the Long Term model (dimensionless)

SCF= Splip correction factor (dimensionless)

Sc= Schmidt number = FUNC { upsilon /D_B }


St= Stokes number (dimensionless)

Ta= Ambient temperature (K)

Ts= Stack gas exit temperature (K)

uref= Wind speed measured at reference anemometer height (m/s)

us= Wind speed adjusted to release height (m/s)

u*= Surface friction velocity (m/s)

V= Vertical term of the Gaussian plume equation (dimensionless)

Vd= Vertical term with dry deposition of the Gaussian plume equation (dimensionless)

vd= Particle deposition velocity (cm/s)

vg= Gravitational settling velocity for particles (cm/s)

vs= Stack gas exit velocity (m/s)

X= X-coordinate in a Cartesian grid receptor network (m)

xo= Length of side of square area source (m)

Y= Y-coordinate in a Cartesian grid receptor network (m)

q= Direction in a polar receptor network (degrees)

x= Downwind distance from source to receptor (m)

xy= Lateral virtual point source distance (m)

xz= Vertical virtual point source distance (m)

xf= Downwind distance to final plume rise (m)

x*= Downwind distance at which turbulence dominates entrainment (m)

y= Crosswind distance from source to receptor (m)

z= Receptor/terrain height above mean sea level (m)

zd= Dry deposition reference height (m)

zr= Receptor height above ground level (i.e. flagpole) (m)

zref= Reference height for wind speed power law (m)

zs= Stack base elevation above mean sea level (m)

zi= Mixing height (m)




Canarina DISPER Software · air pollution

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