Cancer Care Center of York County Sanford, Maine - Case Study


Courtesy of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Key Parameters

  • Type of Facility – Existing Build (EB)
  • Function – Healthcare
  • Area – 1-story Oncology and Patient Care Building
  • Project Completed – 2007

Challenge: Clean air is important but it is extremely important for oncology patients. When the facility opened in 2006, the center’s proximity to a nearby rubber plant resulted in odors frequently being brought into the building with the ventilation air. Cancer patients, with the medications they are on, are very sensitive to odors and are prone to getting nausea at the presence of any powerful odor. The rubber plant odors from nearby were exacerbating the situation.

Solution: New England Trane in Portland, Maine recommended Dynamic Air Cleaners when the standard air filters in the new rooftop units did not address the odor issue. Dynamic 2' polarized-media electronic air cleaners were installed in the Trane rooftop units.

Results: According to engineer Michael Johnson with Johnson & Jordan, Inc., 'Since the Dynamic Air Cleaners were installed, the complaints and problems associated with the rubber plant have all but disappeared.'