Cancun Summit left replacement of Kyoto Protocol to next year

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UK Energy and Climate Change secretary said debate on legal structure to replace the Kyoto Protocol was left to next year.

Energy and climate change secretary, Chris Huhne, defended his upbeat assessment of the last week’s Cancun agreement, arguing that it was 'the most significant package overall since the [1997] Kyoto protocol.' Most observers think the Cancún agreement kept the UN show on the road and made some progress on the principles of how to tackle global warming, while leaving the really difficult, concrete decisions to next year in Durban.

Huhne provided an update on the outcome of the Cancun Summit to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, remarking that the talks had delivered significant progress on a number of fronts, including forestry protection, technology transfer, and measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon emissions pledges.

In particular, he flagged the deal on MRV as a major breakthrough at the Cancun Summit, since nations agreed in principle to a mechanism for ensuring that national carbon emission cuts will be subject to third-party verification. Huhne said work would now begin on detailed proposals for an MRV mechanism, which he predicted would be loosely based on the financial reporting and monitoring work undertaken by the International Monetary Fund.

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