Candlewood Suites case study


Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

  • Customer: Candlewood Suites, San Marcos, TX
  • Category: Commercial: Hotels
  • Application: Whole building protection with Scaletron units

The Challenge:

The owners of a new 82 room facility were looking for an alternative to the conventional methods that they had been using to prevent scale build up at their other hotels. For example, at a similar sized property $300 to $400 / month was being spent on salt for an ion exchange water softener. This Candlewood Suites has three water heaters and it was specifically water heaters that had caused the customer significant problems at their other properties. The water hardness at the Candlewood Suites location is 25 grains (427ppm) and the customer was initially skeptical regarding the technology developed by Fluid Dynamics.

The Solution:

In October, 2012 a total of three Fluid Dynamics units were installed to treat the entire facility. The installation consisted of two 2 inch Scaletron’s and a ¾” unit on a recirculating hot water line.


At the time of writing, approximately two years later, the hotel has not experienced any issues associated with scale accumulation. Without the use of chemicals/salt, power and without the need of any maintenance there is no sign of any scale at this hotel as detailed in the following testimonial. The customer is delighted with the results and the significant savings compared to salt based systems. Fluid Dynamics technology is now being highly recommended to other hotels in the area.

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