Shell Cansolv – Gas absorption solutions
Shell Cansolv – Gas absorption solutions



The CANSOLV® System scrubbing technology is the leading regenerable SO2 scrubbing process. It uses an aqueous amine solvent in a conventional amine treater process flowsheet configuration to achieve high-efficiency removal of SO2 from a large variety of gas streams. The technology is applicable to petroleum refining, natural gas sweetening, smelting of sulfide ores, power generation, pulp and paper plants and industrial boilers. Commercial plants are operating to treat sulfuric acid plant tail gas, prevent emissions from a sulfur recovery unit and to provide safe storage and transport of sulfur dioxide. Very high efficiency removal of SO2 to <50 ppmv can be achieved at competitive capital and operating costs. The scrubbing by-product is sulfur dioxide which is a valuable commodity chemical used in pulping, corn wet milling and as a chemical reagent. SO2 can also be transformed into sulfuric acid or sulfur with conventional processes.

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