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CaO–LOI classification system for cement kiln dust

Cement Kiln Dust (CKD), a residual of cement production, has been used effectively as a cement replacement, but there is a lack of guidance for its appropriate selection and performance in specific engineering applications. Since CKD is not a controlled product, the chemical composition and material properties differ from source to source like coal fly ash. This paper presents a dual–letter classification system that identifies high or low lime (CaO) content and Loss On Ignition (LOI), based on a review of samples from 32 cement plants. Chemical and physical properties of CKD samples representing four classifications are evaluated.

Keywords: CKD, cement kiln dust, coal fly ash, calcium oxide, CaO, lime, LOI, loss on ignition, fineness, setting time, cement replacement, cement and concrete industries, green construction, waste management

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