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City of Cape Coral Installs Two New Biotrickling Filters In WWTP Expansion
Cape Coral is the third-largest city in the State of Florida behind Jacksonville and Tampa in terms of total city area and the 12th most populated. The city's most unique feature is a 400-mile network of dredged canals; more than any other city in the world, making it a popular destination for recreational boaters and waterfront living.

Two years ago city planners embarked on a plan to improve Cape Coral's utilities in order to keep pace with user demands. The main elements of the plan included an upgrade to the city's Southwest and Everest wastewater treatment plants, as well as an expansion of production capabilities at the Southwest reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The improvements are seen as critical to improving the city's water and sewer infrastructure in coming years and to accommodate an expected doubling of the population by 2030. As part of the Southwest wastewater treatment plant expansion, the city installed an odor control system using two of Biorem's biotrickling filters. The system was commissioned in March of 2009. Specially designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H?S) odors from wastewater environments. Biorem biotrickling filters can remove a wide range of water-soluble contaminants from process airstreams at reasonable cost compared to other systems.

Randy Mikkelsen. Chief Facility Operator for Cape Coral's Southwest water reclamation plant, said Biorem's system was chosen as a lower-cost alternative to the plant's older, chemical system of odor containment. 'We went with a biological system because it was a lot cheaper to run than the old odor control system, which used bleach and caustic soda.' said Mikkelsen. noting the chemical system was expensive to run and maintain, considering the high

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