Capturing the Potential of Stormwater

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Management of the urban water cycle in Australia has changed significantly over the past few decades.

Stormwater management philosophy has evolved from the conventional, but still important, flood mitigation paradigm, to the current runoff quality control approach. It is now progressing towards the harvesting and reuse concept whilst retaining the previous two targets.

iven the current interest in the uptake of stormwater as a resource (stormwater harvesting) and the on-going commitment to control and treat the run off prior to its discharge into the natural environment by application of WSUD - the Australian stormwater market is also set to grow in the years to come.

The pace that the stormwater market in Australia grows will, to a large degree, depend on the certainty that it can offer to the public, the clients and the government in delivering the stated objectives. In this paper the author looks at the current stormwater harvesting practice and highlights some of the issues that could facilitate the uptake of this valuable resource in Australia in the years to come.

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