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Car Wash Equipment For Sparkling Clean Car Interiors

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Using car wash equipment has become the standard method for cleaning car exteriors as well as interiors. A pressure washer is the car wash equipment of choice for cleaning car exteriors, however, in order to clean car interiors, you require a different type of a car wash equipment. There are normally two types of car interior cleaning requirements. The first relates to the cleaning of fabric upholstery inside cars. Car seats and other upholstery are often too dirty to clean using regular soap and rag. Therefore, a car wash equipment can efficiently and effectively maintain vehicle upholstery and carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet wash machines generally carry two types of wands. The first wand is the upholstery wand that is generally sold with the car wash equipment. This wand is 4in. in length and has durable components that help clean carpets as well as extract excess moisture and detergent. The best wand is usually built of stainless steel. One of the requirements of any commercial equipment used for cleaning cars is that the equipment should be durable and resistant to corrosion. High-quality carpet wash products meet this criterion and are, therefore, widely deployed across the auto washing industry for a range of car interior cleaning applications.

Carpet wash machines are categorized as heated or non heated. Some machines attain temperatures of up to 210°F. If you are purchasing a non-heated machine, make sure that it allows the use of hot water for carpet washing. A non-heated carpet wash machine might be preferred over a heated machine when the buyer has a lower budget. However, if you buy a machine that can heat water, then ensuing savings in terms of time and money will help you recover costs sooner than you think.

Other Types of Car Interior Cleaning

The second type of a car detailing equipment includes a dry vapor steam cleaner. Steam car wash machines are ideal for cleaning the interior surfaces, such as dashboard, door handles, glass surfaces, or even the steering. Modern steam car wash systems, such as dry vapor cleaners, have many other advantages. These portable car wash machines feature temperatures as high as 356°F. Another advantage to using a vapor steam cleaner is that these machines use very little water. They are ideal mobile car wash machines because they can be transported easily, just like carpet cleaning machines. Moreover, some of these mobile steam car wash systems feature chewing gum removal mechanism or allergen removal technology.

A car detailing equipment is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the car wash industry. As a result, such a machine is very easy to use and requires less water, creates high temperatures, and offers greater productivity. These machines are also durable and last long. In addition to that, they are built for prolonged operation. Your quest for the right auto detailing products is incomplete without factoring in all these features.

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