Carbon Capture and Products Recovery (CCPR) technology

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Imagine using one of the two global environmental issues to solve another at the same time. Curing the Greenhouse Gas problem; by literally pulling carbon out of the air, and reducing river and freshwater pollution; by using industry wastewater as a resource. The technology is here. A well established chemical process in a self sustaining closed loop process is proving viable to achieving both goals - and turn them into clean water and high value materials which are reusable in industrial processes.


Geo-Processors was founded in 1991, originally as a vehicle to develop technologies for extracting salts from saline waters to reduce groundwater salinity. Its President, Dr Aharon Arakel, reasoned that through controlled chemical reactions, various valuable salts could be extracted sequentially or selectively from inorganic saline streams.


Geo-Processors’ SAL-PROC is a patented, proven and previously licensed technology. Its application for recovery of commercial grade mineral products from saline and alkaline waters has been widely demonstrated in Australia and elsewhere.  Now with the company’s operations expanded to the US, Geo-Processors, as part of its technology innovation mandate, has developed a Carbon Capture and Product Recovery system, CCPR.

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