Carbon Capture & Storage: Becoming a regulatory reality in Europe

In the article ―Carbon Capture and Storage: Becoming a Regulatory Reality in Europe, Meghan White examines the development of a legal framework for Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) as an important measure to achieve GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions restric-tions in Europe. The article begins with an overview of the technical aspects of CCS as well as the main policy initiatives that have promoted a regulatory basis for CCS. With these background issues expounded, the arti-cle continues with an analysis of the proposed CCS Directive. While the Directive makes significant strides in promoting CCS as a miti-gation tool for reducing GHG and adding more security to energy supply issues, it suffers from a number of weaknesses. The Directive has a limited scope that does not include all of the activities associated with CCS and does not seem to adequately balance CCS provi-sions with other relevant legislation, such as the Directives on Integrated Pollution Preven-tion and Control and on an EU Emissions Trading Scheme. As the European institutions continue to consider the regulatory basis for CCS, more clarity will need to be achieved. Future drafting and amendments of the pro-posed Directive, as well as the support for large scale CCS demonstration projects, will hopefully provide the incentives needed for CCS to become a reality in Europe.

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