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Carbon credit from composting of municipal solid waste

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The estimation of carbon credit from composting of MSW has been presented in this paper. The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) used in formation of windrow was collected from the NERIST campus. Loss on Ignition (LOI) was measured which represents the amount of carbon and remaining ash in solid waste samples after ignition. As an absolute measure of biodegradable carbon, LOI provides an excellent measure of biological decomposition in a composting process. Only, biodegradable components of waste are converted into CO
during the composting process and thus, a relationship between LOI of the waste after composting and LOI of the raw waste exists. In the present study, CO
generated due to aerobic decomposition of MSW was estimated by conducting experiments and employing the relationship between LOI of raw as well as composted waste.

Keywords: municipal solid waste, carbon credits, aerobic composting, windrow, loss on ignition, biodegradable waste, GHG emissions, greenhouse gases, biological decomposition, CO2, carbon dioxide

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