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Carbon dioxide ocean and ground storage as a method of climate change mitigation

Global warming-induced climate change is one of the significant civilisation threats of the modern times. Human-induced enhanced global warming, via the greenhouse effect resulting from high carbon dioxide emissions, poses a substantial danger to the environment we live in. Consequences of global warming can be devastating for the present, but mainly for the future generations. This paper reviews the negative impacts of global warming on our environment, and two still innovative methods of reducing atmospheric concentrations of CO2. The methods discussed in the paper would allow the storage of anthropogenic CO2 originating from large sources of emission, either in the oceans or in the underground geological structures. The Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage method presented is technologically feasible, many of them being demonstrated in different parts of the world. The paper discusses their positive and negative aspects, along with the ability to mitigate against the climate changes.

Keywords: carbon dioxide capture, carbon dioxide storage, CCS, climate change mitigation, geological sequestration, geological storage, ground storage, ocean sequestration, ocean storage, global warming, carbon dioxide emissions

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