Carbon Emissions Control with SERAM at Novartis - Case Study


Courtesy of Sirius Technologies AG

Novartis is one of the world's leading Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies with sales over $40 billion. Operating in 140 countries and with approximately 100,000 employees, Novartis adopts the highest standards when it comes to corporate citizenship.

Novartis began using SERAM in 2006 to manage its worldwide environment, health and safety performance. Today the software is used at over 200 locations in 90 countries and comprises nearly 450 reporting indicators. Novartis uses SERAM to manage its carbon emissions and CO2 footprint, injury and illnesses cases, water and energy consumption, waste and effluent, HSE investment and air pollution, to name but a few examples. Data is collected from all locations on either a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The information is analysed and consolidated regionally and centrally to ensure accurate data is available for external reporting, most notably the annual corporate citizenship report, which is distributed in the first quarter of each year.

Since 2006, Novartis has twice been awarded the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Super-sector leader (often scoring 100% in reporting categories) and has a GRI rating of A+.

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