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Carbon Fibre Far Infrared Electric Heating Panel


Carbon Fibre Far Infrared Electric Heating Panel

Carbon Fibre Technology & Applications. Provide Global Energy Saving Solutions to over 30 industries on reducing power consumption to more than 30-70% in average.

High efficiency and energy saving

The product uses carbon fibre flat shape heating body to remit heat. Its radiation is uniform, temperature increase is fast and efficiency is high. In 3 minutes to reach 90°C -100°C

Rated surface temperature. It has a stronger radiation convection function and electrothermal conversion efficiency is up to over 98%. Comparing with same products made from ceramic chip, radiation fin, quartz and heat conductive oil, the saved electricity is up to op 2/3.

The carbon fibre heating body is made from high pressure compound and completely overcomes the shortcomings of conductive film, conductive coating, carbon powder etc, other heating body like easy

broken, easy dropping, over oxidation, over current, bad heat resistance and lower insulating strength. It is light in weight, no pollution, structure firm and long term operation, no shorter than 30,000 hours.

Technology Specification

1.     Rated voltage: 220V±10%
2.     Rated frequency: 50HZ
3.     Rated power: 1200W+5 %, -10%
4.     Surface temperature of heating body: 90°C ~ 100°C
5.     Electrothermal conversion efficiency: >98%
6.     Far infrared radiation rate:>58%(8µm -15µm)
7.     Longevity: >30,000 hours

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