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Courtesy of Greenstone+

ZBD’s electronic point of purchase (EPOP) device is an electronic price and information display designed as a replacement for paper labels. Its primary target market is in environments where retailers can gain sales and reduce waste by amending prices frequently, such as delicatessen counters and on other perishable items, or where prices and promotions need regular change to reflect a competitive market or consumer buying trends. 

Greenstone Carbon Management was commissioned by ZBD to undertake an assessment of the life cycle carbon footprint of the EPOP and to compare the product, over its average 5 year life span, against the carbon footprint of traditional paper tag pricing methods.  Since full life cycle carbon footprint analysis is a relatively new field, the footprint analysis required a combination of real-data where available, benchmarks for embodied energy of raw materials from Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) databases, and assumptions based upon literature research for more complicated components and disposal scenarios.

The results will be used to help retailers assess the carbon savings they could achieve within their own operations by adopting ZBD’s smart electronic labelling solution.

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