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Carbon footprint of food-related activities in Finnish households

Consumers play an important role in the food chain environmental system. However, there seem to be only few studies that have focused on food-related environmental impacts of consumer activities. This paper identifies the primary consumer activities that affect carbon footprints and their relative importance, and consumer choice in household food-related transportation, preservation and preparation. The data for food transportation, preservation and preparation were collected from existing surveys from which the information has been adapted to households. According to the study results, a Finnish household on average produces 170 kilograms of CO2-equivalent per capita, of which 50% derives from food preservation, 27% from food transportation and 23% from food preparation.

Keywords: carbon footprint, consumer activities, sustainable consumption, life cycle analysis, households, Finland, food industries, environmental impact, consumer choice, food transport, food preservation, food preparation, carbon dioxide, CO2

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