Carbon management programme


Courtesy of Greenstone+

The Ryder cup is one of the Top ten Global Sports Events and will be the largest event that Wales has ever hosted.

One of the aims of Ryder Cup 2010 is to showcase responsible environmental management in golf. An important component of achieving this aim is to minimise the emission of greenhouse gases arising from the event.

Greenstone Carbon Management was commissioned by the Ryder Cup to assist in the development and implementation of a carbon management programme.  

Greenstone is using data from previous Ryder Cup and other golfing events to estimate a business as usual carbon footprint for the Ryder Cup 2010. A reduction strategy will be created, targeted at the aspects of the event with the greatest potential for emission reduction. Real data will be gathered during the event preparation and the event itself, which will be used to create an actual carbon footprint for the event. This will become the benchmark of the carbon impact of golfing events, based on a methodology that will be replicable at future events.

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