Carbon management strategy


Courtesy of Greenstone+

SAB Miller Group plc is one of the major global brewing and beverage companies, being the second largest brewer and bottler in the world and one of the largest bottlers to Coca-Cola.  SAB Miller owns 200 brands and is organized into 5 geographic hubs - North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and South Africa.

Greenstone Carbon Management was commissioned by SAB Miller to undertake a research and strategy piece helping the company understand the changing environmental and political context of climate change in Europe.

The work was used to inform the overall company strategy work and was presented to members of the European management team. The think piece was designed to be outward facing to stakeholder expectations and to protect shareholder value.  The key objective of the work was to identify the major climate change risks and opportunities that could mitigate against an underinvested and vulnerable position, and orientate SAB Miller towards a competitive strategic plan.

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