Cardinal glass achieves 64% drop in injuries, 59% reduction in compensation costs in one year


Courtesy of IHS Markit

Cardinal Glass Industries is an industry leader in the production of residential glass for windows and doors, with more than 5,500 employees located at 27 manufacturing locations around the United States. In 2004, managers of the Cardinal IG facility in Fargo, North Dakota – which manufactures insulated and laminated glass products – made a commitment to establishing a world-class worker safety program. One of their primary goals was to enhance their ability to manage critical safety information by eliminating inefficiencies tied to manual data tracking, improving their ability to assess trends and providing user-friendly access to incident histories at all levels of plant management.

Jenni Day, Safety Manager for the Fargo-based facility, was introduced to ESS' Compliance Suite™ software platform at the annual Region 8 conference of the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association (VPPPA) and knew immediately that it was the solution her company was seeking. She was immediately impressed with how easy the software was to use and the fact that it could be readily tailored to meet Cardinal's unique requirements.

Cardinal IG purchased ESS' Safety Management and Training Management Software solutions.

Prior to implementing the ESS system, Cardinal IG safety personnel had to manually enter data into as many as 16 different spreadsheets each and every time the company experienced an incident, depending on its outcome. Eliminating this inefficient process and gaining the ability to enter the data one time into one source saved the facility an estimated 600 labor hours a year.

Cardinal IG's managers wanted to take advantage of the software's ability to provide trending and customized reports that would assist them in conducting gap analyses of their safety program so they decided to not only input new incidents, but also to enter all historical data available since the plant opened in July, 1998.

'What a difference ESS software has made!' Day said. 'During the first year following the system's implementation, workers' compensation costs decreased by almost 59 percent and injuries dropped by 64 percent.'

Day said that the system's ability to make incident information accessible to all levels of management was essential to the implementation's success.

'Now all of our managers, supervisors and front-line team leaders, with varied access privileges, can view department and individual incident histories as well as training participation statistics that they then use in employee performance reviews, 'she added. 'That has allowed all levels of management to share in the ownership of the safety program as well as improve levels of accountability.'

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