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Care and Handling of Advanced Enviro - Septic ™ Pipe


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Advanced Enviro-Septic™ (AES) is made entirely of durable, non-biodegradable plastic and geotextile fabrics, which enables the pipes to be lightweight and flexible for ease of transport and installation. This also extends system life, since there is nothing to break down or wear out once the system is properly installed. Although the AES is lightweight, the pipe is designed to withstand H20 loading (with proper installation and cover materials).

Proper care and handling of the AES pipe is the responsibility of the Distributor/Dealer once delivered, and then becomes the responsibility of the installer after purchase and during installation. Set forth below are our recommendations for storing and handling AES pipe so that it remains in good condition.

If possible, it would be preferable to store AES pipe indoors or under cover. The outer fabric of the Advanced Enviro-Septic™ pipe is ultra-violet stabilized; however, this protection breaks down after a period of time in direct sunlight. If AES pipe must be stored outdoors for an extended period of time, we recommend covering the pipe with an opaque tarp. When stored outdoors, keep pipe in a high and dry area to prevent surface water and soil from entering the pipes as this could contaminate the outer geotextile fabric. Exposure to precipitation is not a concern, but the pipes are lightweight and can be strewn about in a windstorm if not secured. Prevent animals from nesting within the pipes, as we have seen this result in damage to the fabric.

Avoid dragging the AES pipe since the outer geotextile fabric layer can shift if the pipes are dragged; we recommend carrying pipes by holding the seam where the geotextile fabric has been stitched together. The fabric can also be contaminated if pipes are dragged through wet or muddy areas. If the pipes do get muddy or dirty, we recommend hosing them off prior to installation. Do not pull on the white geotextile (Bio-Accelerator™) or remove the wicket tags that hold it in place. Keep mud, grease, oil, etc. away from all components.

If constructing a system in cold weather, the plastic couplings which connect pipe sections together are easier to work with if they are stored in a heated area before use during cold weather. Each ten foot section of AES pipe bears a label that instructs the installer 'This Side Up' to ensure that the Bio-Accelerator™ is correctly aligned along the bottom of the pipe.

Following these simple instructions will insure that the pipe sold to customers is in the same condition as when it left our factory. We are very serious about quality control at our manufacturing facility and are committed to providing the highest quality product to our customers; if you ever receive a shipment or purchase product from one of our Distributors and notice that any of the pipes appear damaged or defective, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately for assistance.

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