Care Oxfam-DelAgua Kit Case Study - Yemen


Courtesy of DelAgua Group

Generally water quality testing is done to monitor the maintenance and operation of drinking water
systems. In Yemen CARE uses the DelAgua water testing kit (developed by OXFAM, reproduced by the
Robens Centre for Public and Environmental Health, Surrey University) as an awareness tool to improve
the understanding of ‘clean and safe water’ in village communities.
“We have learned to live with it and it does not affect us,” said women and men in remote villages of
Yemen when explained that their drinking water was infested with bacteria. They did not make the
connection between water quality and their children having diarrhoea once a fortnight, resulting in many
children being underweight.
With the women fetching and storing water for their households, the health of the family depends on their
decisions to improve daily routines. However, women in Yemen have often no say in such issues.
CARE is working with rural women’s associations in improving water quantity and quality in their village.
After the construction of water storage tanks from which women carry water home, each family received a
silver colloidal filter to further purify the water.

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