Carpet Cleaners Reducing Carpet Drying Time

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One of the major worries when cleaning carpets is the drying time. The heavier the carpet, the longer the drying time. This can be quite a challenge for offices, retail stores, hotels, and other commercial and public locations; where soppy, wet carpets mean molds, germs, pests, and odor, not to mention rotten wood floors and wet shoes can annoy and deter customers, and even employees. 

Further yet, carpet cleaning machines that require 24 hours of drying time put businesses in a poor position, as they require part of, or even the entire business to be closed for that length of time. For these tasks, the carpet cleaner should ideally use as little water as possible to eliminate such problems. 

A low moisture carpet cleaner does just that. It uses minimal water and achieves the same level of cleaning that machines with higher flow rates do. Using minimal water has many benefits:

  • Lower water bills
  • Lower cost of water collection and disposal
  • No need to draw excess water from client’s supply
  • Less residual moisture on carpets and floors
  • Happier clients!

Benefits of Low Flow and Drawbacks of Excess Moisture
A low flow carpet cleaner leaves behind a drier carpet. This has many benefits. A carpet that dries faster (within as little as 2 hours as compared to the usual 24 hours) offers less likelihood of germinating bacteria and mod. Moreover, it is not going to develop odors. A heavy, sodden carpet puts a burden on flooring, particularly wood floors that are easily susceptible to softening due to dampness. 

Most people are not aware a carpet exposed to moisture for too long or is repeatedly soaked for prolonged periods, tends to develop a permanently moldy odor. No amount of cleaning can remove the odor and many home owners and building maintenance staff have found that the only way to remove the odor is to replace the carpet. Not many clients would be amused if you left their upholstery a soggy mess on a regular basis. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a low flow carpet extractor for removing moisture and dirt from carpets and to clean carpets without damaging them. 

In addition to low flow rates, carpet cleaning equipment should have powerful extraction capabilities. This helps extract dirt from deep within the carpets, and also leaves the carpet drier after cleaning. High end carpet shampooers have two motors for vacuum extraction and have water lift capability of around 150 inches. The wand included with high quality carpet cleaning equipment is designed for easy scrubbing and cleaning of carpets. It should offer a good seal with the carpet and should be made of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel. 

Greater Efficiency
Many industrial carpet shampooers offer constant-operating features, reducing the need to interrupt cleaning tasks. These features include:

  • Large solution and extraction chambers
  • Automatic refilling and dumping of water
  • Two heating elements to speedily heat water
  • High pump pressure for powerful, consistent cleaning
  • Long hoses (as much as 100 feet in some machines) to cover larger areas without moving the machine

A quality, low-flow carpet extractor has an advantage over other types of carpet cleaning products, and it is the safest and fastest way to clean carpets, particularly in commercial areas.

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