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Choosing carpet cleaning machines to handle high-traffic carpet cleaning might seem like an overwhelming task. Carpets in areas like hotel lobbies, movie theaters, and office reception rooms can all collect large amounts of dirt and debris, even in a single day. High traffic areas don’t just deal with constant streams of traffic, they also deal with different kinds of dirt deposits. For example, a movie theater sees mud and dirt as well as food and beverage stains as well. The ideal way to clean these areas is with carpet cleaning units that are effective, eco-friendly and which allow the carpet to dry out quickly after cleaning. 

Cutting out the Chemicals
Today, more and more companies and businesses are looking for carpet cleaning machines that don’t rely on harsh chemical cleaning agents. The truth is that not only do these kinds of cleaning products leave behind harsh fumes and traces after cleaning, they cannot always remove stubborn deposits and stains that may have settled deep in the carpet. An effective carpet cleaning unit will inject water into the carpet fibers, agitating them and working to loosen up dirt and debris that may have settled into the material. To tackle hardened or sticky stains, hot water can be very effective in softening and dissolving the deposits, making them easier to remove. To better understand why this kind of cleaning method is more effective than chemical cleaners, we need to take a look at how a carpet gets dirty. 

Carpets pick up sand, dirt, dust and debris from your shoes. If you take a look at a piece of carpet specifically used to wipe muddy shoes, you will notice that the fibers are clumpy and hard. This is known as packing and it occurs when a constant stream of debris coupled with high traffic, literally starts to pack the carpet fibers down. The best carpet cleaning systems will work to agitate and loosen these fibers, freeing up dirt and preventing the carpet fibers from getting packed. 

Using Less Water
Effective carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning equipment will also use less water in order to clean different kinds of carpets. It’s important to remember that many conventional carpet shampooers and carpet cleaners use a lot of water for cleaning. This means that the carpet remains damp after cleaning and may require many hours to dry out completely. This is simply not a feasible option for carpets in high traffic areas like hotel lobbies. This problem can be easily remedied by using carpet cleaning machines that rely on suction and extraction powers for cleaning. 

This kind of carpet cleaning equipment relies less on water power and more on suction power in order to loosen and remove different kinds of dirt and debris. These carpet shampoo systems not only clean effectively, they also allow the carpet to dry out completely and quickly as well, often in as little as two hours. These carpet cleaners ensure there is a far less chance of germs and bacteria taking root in the damp carpet as well.

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