Cars, trucks and the environment

Using limited resources responsibly and protecting our environment: these are probably the greatest assignments of society today. In both respects, European automobile manufacturers have an important role to play and they are embracing this challenge. Vehicle makers are technology leaders, driving innovation towards cleaner, ‘greener’ transport. Every year, lower-emission new cars, vans and trucks come onto market, demonstrating this commitment. There are areas, however, where sharing efforts is necessary; because technology alone does not have all the answers.

What about growth in transport demand, for example, or the emissions from congestion and inefficient infrastructure? How best to trigger consumer involvement and drive the market towards cleaner vehicles? The automobile industry invests heavily in new technologies and strategies to address these complex questions. All over the world, the automobile brings improved quality of life; the task is to sustain its benefits while reducing its environmental impact. The vehicle manufacturers produce for today’s and tomorrow’s world and are determined to play their part.

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