CAS DataLoggers Helps You Get Ready for RICE NESHAP



Manufacturers across the country are scrambling to prepare for RICE NESHAP, an incoming EPA regulation intended to reduce pollutants from several categories of new, existing and reconstructed stationary engines. The focus is on air toxics, and all applicable diesel and non-diesel engines must be retrofitted with an emission control product to meet the new requirements by 2013. Every diesel engine is affected by this rule in some way, forcing the industry to profile all engines to determine standard levels, install all required devices, and then monitor the refitted engines to ensure they’re compliant and functioning as intended. It’s especially critical to measure engine temperature and pressure in diesel engines, but RPM and many other values also need to be closely monitored. CAS DataLoggers has your complete compliance toolkit with the new Series 3 dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Data Loggers.

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