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Case Report: ESM30 in lake monitoring


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Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province in central China and has 166 lakes that cover 2,217 square km (856 square miles) and approximately 25% of the city.  This surface water coverage is one of the world’s highest.  

The Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau (WHEPB website: http://www.whepb.gov.cn) is responsible for monitoring the surface water quality within the city borders and does this by monitoring a subset of 50 lakes on a yearly basis for temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity.  Before using the Oceanalpha ESM30 Water Quality Sampling & Monitoring Boat, WHEPB needed three months to do this by taking a manned boat into each lake.


The Oceanalpha ESM30 Water Quality Sampling & Monitoring Boat works autonomously based on GPS waypoint navigation that a user programs with a portable control station from the shore.  The boat contains a multi-parameter sonde connected to a flow cell and an on-board pump.  Using the ESM30, WHEPB surveyed 50 lakes in 14 days for a 640% improvement in efficiency.  As an additional safety benefit, workers did not need to go onto the water.


  • ESM30 Water Quality Sampling & Monitoring Boat
  • ESM30 Control Station (included)
  • Multi-parameter water quality sonde (included)
  • Flow cell (included)

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