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Lighting doesn’t just illuminate the office. It can change the way we feel, influence people’s energy levels and performance and enhance our sense of well-being. Our lighting solutions give the green light to a healthier, happier workplace. You can add your own style, adjust ambiences and enhance life in the office with the power of light.

Our office solutions improve the visual quality of business premises, enhance employee efficiency, productivity and sense of well-being, and help you achieve important goals in terms of reduced energy and green-building certification.

LED Energysave's  Lighting makes getting a great, business-effective lighting solution a simple, streamlined process for our customers. Your business needs are extremely familiar to us, so you can count on us to reliably deliver or help coordinate any – or all – parts of the lighting solution, from products to services. When you partner withLED Energysave's Lighting to implement a total lighting solution, you’re assured of results that give you maximum impact and lighting quality with minimum hassle and risk.

This concept is aimed at saving money and increasing sustainability by using state-of-the-art lighting technology to minimize energy use and carbon emissions. It can also improve light quality and optimize the office environment. An energy audit to determine your potential gain is a standard element of GreenEvolution, as well as solution design.

Customers have three options: straightforward lamp replacement, point for point luminaire replacement or full lighting system renovation including controls for a complete green lighting solution for new or older buildings. Each and every LEDenergysave project consists of a customized package of products and services, built specifically around individual customer requirements and objectives.

The Bottom Line
50 - 60 % saving's in your business cost in lighting your office with our replacement LED retrofit.

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