Case study 101: Lodi drilling salt water disposal site


Courtesy of Eco1st Technology Group

Operational Profile

Type of Operation: Commercial Salt Water Disposal
Location: Texas
Equipment: Gun Barrel
b/d: 2000 bbl
Gravity of oil: 50 degrees
BS&W beforestudy: 1%
Unit size: 4” Separation Enhancer

Key Findings:

  • 31% Increase in plant output
  • Oil recovery increase from 0.4% to 1%
  • Investment payback period 6 months
  • Significantly decreased retention time


The site was experiencing above average carryover in the disposal process. The extraction method employed a gravity fed gun barrel tank. The operator was looking to improve plant efficiency and increase production through additional means of separation.SolutionThe site manager installed a 4” Separation Enhancer prior to the gun barrel.


The site operator reported back after 60 days of Separation Enhancer usage:

  • Production increased by 31%
  • Increased recovery of 80 bbl/mth
  • Oil recovery increase from 0.4% to 1%
  • Retention time decreased significantly
  • Cleaner discharge water
  • Increased site capacity


After the installation of the Separation Enhancer the whole operation increased performance and efficiency to optimal levels never experienced before at this site. The result -increased overall production and profitability through normal business practice without increasing operational costs.

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