Case Study: 3 pilot projects sponsored by the European Union - LIFE-Program


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Certain waste waters - such as streams from food and beverage industries, leachate waters from municipal waste dumping sites or drinking water purification - are invariably putting highly problematic strains on the environment.

Many years of basic research as well as comprehensive test runs with a technical scale demonstration unit model have shown that the Ultrasonic Systems GmbH (USS) is in the possession of a real key technology: With the UPR, the load of highly contaminated waste waters can be reduced with high effectiveness. This happens by applying ultrasonic based oxidation to the waste water.

Drawing on this knowledge, it is planned to develop three 1:1 scale prototypes for different and typical fields of application. The know-how generated during the project period will be used to optimise the system and to prepare for a broad market entry.

Since the mentioned problem areas are relevant throughout the EU territory, it is intended to exchange knowledge and to initiate a sales and service network throughout EU countries. Towards the end of the project period, the broader public shall be informed about the benefits this technology means for the efficient reduction in the pollution of water, air and soil - in comparison of inferior currently existing technological approaches.


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