Case Study: 48 Hour Tank Lining Repair


Courtesy of Specialty Products Inc. (SPI)

GUEST BLOG: 48-hour tank lining corrosion repair, thanks to SPI’s fast curing Polyshield HT-100F UB

In this post, we focus on a tank lining corrosion repair that’s recently been completed by our 2015 Global Distributor of the Year, SPI Performance Coatings Ltd, of Wiltshire UK.

This particular project involved a steel feed hopper located at a green energy plant producing biogas from maize in Norfolk. The tank lining of the feed hopper, which had a total surface area of 230m², had suffered both corrosion and erosion as a result of the fact it had originally been lined with an insufficient protective lining. As well as addressing the current state of the tank, the contractor, Corroless Eastern Performance Coatings and Linings, also had to factor in the following key issues:

  1. A polyurea tank lining material had already been applied to the tank by another contractor, however the work had taken too long to complete. This meant that only half of the thickness of the material that had been specified had been applied.
  2. The tank could not be taken out of action for more than 48 hours due to the operating requirements of the plant.

Specifying a fit for purpose coating with fast curing properties

Corroless recommended the application of Polyshield HT-100F UB, a high quality pure polyurea tank lining from SPI Performance Coatings for a number of reasons, including ease of application with a very fast return to service, under 12 hours for this application.

Initially the inside of the tank was prepared to SA2.5 by abrasive blasting, ensuring all existing coatings were removed. This is one of the best methods of surface preparation available and the keystone of any tank lining. The blast profile was measured for profile to ensure an optimum anchor for the lining system.

Following preparation the tank was vacuum cleaned prior to priming, using Chemco International RS500P surface tolerant epoxy primer, which was applied by airless spray following a stripe coat of all angles and edges.

Applying the polyurea tank lining

Once the primer had cured, SPI Performance Coatings’ polyurea tank lining was applied to a thickness of 2mm on the tank walls and 3mm on the tank floor.

The tank lining was tested for thickness, using a dry film thickness gauge, and pin holing, using a DC holiday spark tester.

“The client was extremely pleased with the speed and quality of the tank lining works, which we completed in less than 48 hours,” explains Oliver Hunt, Projects Manager at Corroless Eastern.

“It was made possible for two main reasons, the fact we assigned two blast teams to ensure we met the tight deadline, and the fast curing nature of Polyshield HT-100F UB, which meant the tank could be returned to service the same day.”

Marcus Lockett, Managing Director of SPI Performance Coatings, said: “HT-100F UB has a high tensile modulus, but still has elongation values over 330%, and coupled with its very high abrasion resistance, made it a great choice for this application.”


SPI Performance Coatings is a leading supplier of plural component sprays including elastomeric polyurea and epoxies, as well as a comprehensive range of primers, topcoats and foams.

SPI Performance Coatings combines decades of manufacturing and contracting expertise to deliver ‘quick return to service’ solutions to a variety of UK and Pan-European sectors, including marine and offshore, oil and gas, telecoms, industrial and commercial building management and the municipals. It is unique in that it can offer both unrivalled scientific manufacturing expertise together with a grounded understanding of delivery and application best practice.

SPI Performance’s specialty coatings are designed to meet a variety of maintenance needs including waterproofing, anti-corrosion, environmental protection, chemical resistance and roof rehabilitation.

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