Roboliner - a brand by MatLor, LLC

Case study - Acid Containment – Utilities Inc.


Courtesy of Roboliner - a brand by MatLor, LLC

Location: N/A

  • Project Contractor: F.S.I., Inc of Fort Myers
  • System Applied: Polyurea Poly Vers LC25, PolyVers VT40
  • Substrate / Area: Acid Containment
  • Date Completed: January 2007

Project Description

The acid containment’s existing RoboLiner was failing. The RoboLiner was removed and hydro blasted to remove bonding agent. Surface then was neutralized to accept primer. Surface had to be skim coated where acid had deteriorated the containment. P3 primer was applied followed by 60-70 mils of polyurea. A primer coat of PolyVers LC25 Extreme Chemical Exposure Lock Coat was then applied and top coated with PolyVers VT40 Finish Coat. This flexible and highly chemical resistant system was selected over the epoxy RoboLiner system.

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