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Case study - ACTIS - Russia - glass sorting plant



The headquarters of the company ACTIS, which produces new bottles for the drinks industry from waste glass collected, is located in Novocherkassk, only 30 kilometres from Rostov in Southern Russia.

ACTIS emerged as a pioneer n the glass recycling industry 10 years ago. Even then, a new plant with conveyor belts, feed hopper and product bunker, washing unit and manual sorting was built. The total output was around 12 tons / hr.

The main reason for this nvest-ment was the energy savings as clean cullet can replace the raw material.


A facility should be planned delivered and installed, which represents the customer an economical combination of old and new.

The existing equipment should be usefully implemented in the new plant to win high qualities in clear glass, brown glass and mixed glass without any contaminations.

The performance should be increased to 33 tons / hour.


The total additional equipment has been integrated into the existing building. This consists of the REDWAVE glass-sorting machines, metal separators, screening machines, crushers, extraction system and the  conveyor systems.

The first screening stage form parallel arranged REDWAVE 1300 C machines which sort white and brown glass and separate impurities. In the second sorting stage RED-WAVE CS 1500 machines are used to improve the color and to separate impurities.

Project Description

The interest in fully automatic, optical sorting was inspired by Actis in 2008. After a careful planning phase, in 2011 Actis decided for the Austrian plant construction company BT-Wolfgang Binder with their REDWAVE sorting technology, who carried out the conception and realization of the automatic sorting plant for raw material recycling of waste glass. In addition to the REDWAVE glass sorting machines, the scope of delivery also included metal separators, screening machines, crusher, an extraction system, as well as the associated conveying technology. The complete equipment was integrated in the existing building.

The integrated REDWAVE sorting machines play a significant part in the recycling of high-quality white glass, brown glass or mixed glass with no impurities (KSP separation). The first sorting stage is formed by REDWAVE 1300 C machines arranged in parallel for recovery of white glass or brown glass, as well for the separation of impurities. These sorting machines, in the 3-way design, can realize both functions in a single sorting stage. In the second sorting stage, REDWAVE CS 1500 machines are utilized for the improvement in colour and separation of impurities. These REDWAVE CS sorting machines can be utilized very flexibly primarily due to the modular construction, therefore are very reasonably priced and provide high-quality sorting.

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