Case Study - ADC (Eastanglia) Ltd.


Courtesy of Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S

Key facts


ADC (Eastanglia) Ltd. Location
Bonnets Lane, PE188JE Wisbech England


Simon Moos solution
AVC/DOD - On-site dewatering

Customer profile

ADC (East Anglia) Ltd. is based with their head office near Wisbech in the UK. ADC provide specialist drainage services to customers such as the En¬vironment Agency throughout the whole of East Anglia and the South East. ADC's solutions are possible with dedicated experienced management, ex¬pert consultants and some of the very latest equipment. Their track record is obvious from the desirable customer base which includes: The Environ¬mental Agency, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex County Councils, Cam¬bridge University and many renowned civil engineers and construction com¬panies.

Challenge : Dewatering 250 meter fenland dyke with limited access - unable to be cleaned by con¬ventional means!

ADC were contacted by Technical Engineer Ian Watts from Black Sluice In¬ternal Drainage Board and asked to de-sludge a 250 meter section of fenland Dyke with limited access - which was unable to be cleaned by con¬ventional means. Michael Reeve and Steve Paige, the directors of ADC, contacted Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S to come up with a solution to the problem. Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S has tackled this and similar dewa¬tering challenges many times before and this specific interesting dewatering challenge - is the reason why ADC heavily invested in the AVC/DOD dewa-tering equipment from Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S. Turn to read more...

Solution : Dewatering the Fenland dyke with the AVC/DOD on-site sludge dewatering system.

Both ends of the Dyke section were dammed and the water over pumped to reveal the sludge and debris below. Two conventional jet-vacs were used to remove the wet sludge and a team of men were placed in the dyke to work the suction hose. Once a jet-vac was filled the sludge was transferred via the DOD polymer make up and dosing unit which causes the separation be¬tween the solid and water fractions on-route to the AVC roll-on-off dewater¬ing container where the dewatered solids form a dry cake. The water frac¬tion or permeate is then allowed to return to the water course behind the gang working the wet sludge which is then re-used to assist the transit of the sludge to the jet-vacs. Once the dewatering process has finished the cake is then transported for disposal and the process is then repeated.

Product facts

  • The AVC (dewatering container) and the DOD (polymer and dosing unit) is a system characterized by:
  • Large volume reduction - typical > 90 %.
  • High dry matter percentage in dewatered sludge - normally > 15 %.
  • High COD and BOD5 reduction - up to 95%.
  • A mobile system with large draining capacity.
  • A well-tested system with 30 years development experience.
  • A system where you due to vol¬ume reduction obtain an attractive total economy as a result of re¬duced wages, fuel and depositing costs.

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