Case study - Advanced


This rainwater system does double duty, providing pressurized irrigation water while simultaneously aiding the efficiency of the building’s rooftop cooling system.

Project: AdvancED
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Application: Landscape Irrigation and Evaporative Cooling
System(s): 30,000 Gallon Underground Tank w/ H2 Rainset

The rainwater harvesting system at the AdvancED corporate headquarters collects rainwater and condensate from the roof and feeds it to an underground tank (approx. 30,000 gallons) located near the base of the building. Water is filtered through underground inlet filters that keep debris from entering the tank. The overflow from the tank is directed to the stormwater drainage system. Water is pumped back into the building to the rainset control station that monitors tank water level and supplies pressurized water supply to the irrigation system.

Additionally, the rainwater is directed to an innovative energy conservation feature on the roof which sends a mist of water to the evaporative coolers thus increasing the efficiency of the building's cooling system. Water dedicated to the cooling system is treated with ultraviolet light and is free of biological contaminants. There is an automatic makeup water supply (city water) that feeds the irrigation system when the tank is empty.

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