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Case study - Allianz


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Allianz Insurance UK is part of the worldwide financial services organisation Allianz SE. In 2009, they identified the need to raise awareness of the environmental issues with employees and to encourage them to take steps to improve their environmental footprint.

PPP adapted their proven Awareness+Action workshop into a Lunch & Learn' format. PPP then delivered the sessions to 11 of the larger UK sites.

PPP worked with Allianz to promote the workshops and ensure maximum attendance. This was done by:

  • Advising on the best methods to raise the profile of the events
  • Writing the promotional copy which was sent to all staff in the UK
  • Creating posters to promote the events
  • Coaching their Green Champions about how to encourage their colleagues to attend the workshop using a series of conference calls

The workshops were a mixture of information delivery and participant feedback. Allianz also delivered Allianz-specific information during the workshop, which helped keep a link between the training and the company. At the end of the workshops, attendees were asked to commit to take 3 'green actions'. These were recorded on a specially designed PPP business card, which they kept as a reminder.

Follow up
Each attendee received an email from PPP shortly after the workshop containing practical hints and tips. A second email was also sent around 3 months of the initial workshop as a gentle reminder of the 3 commitments they made.

Over 150 employees attended the Lunch & Learn events. 151 environmental and money saving tips were suggested by the attendees as well as 22 methods for convincing other colleagues who did not attend workshop were collected. These ideas, together with information from the workshops were distributed back to the attendees of the workshop in order to encourage/facilitate environmental action throughout Allianz's offices. The CSR team reviewed the ideas raised in order to identify particular actions that may be taken forward.

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