Case study - Automotive manufacturer chooses the QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer


Courtesy of Catalytic Products International (CPI)

The worlds largest automotive manufacturer recently installed our QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer for use at destroying CO and VOC emissions from their engine test cell facility. The test facility houses several engine, transmission, and chassis dynamometer’s. The manufacturer demanded a system that would provide the highest uptime reliability and highest performance.

The QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer was chosen as the most appropriate air pollution control system after a thorough analysis of the engine cell off-gas concluded that high inlet temperatures, high LEL, and wide range in air volumes would be delivered to the oxidizer.

The system installed was our QUADRANT SR-8,000 Thermal Oxidizer. The system incorporates the following:

  • CPI’s unique FLOATING TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER that does not use any expansion joints.
  • CPI’s unique sub-stoichemetric burner and combustion tube provides high VOC/CO destruction with lower NOx emissions than traditional systems.
  • A user-friendly controls interface system that manages all the components and records specific data for use with Title V record keeping and interacts with the sophisticated dynamometer controls of this plant
  • Low profile – modular design accommodates an indoor mezzanine level installation that could be lifted through existing door ways.
  • High quality insulation keeps the shell temperatures low as to not effect HVAC of the area. +99% DRE at 1,400 F allows the unit to exceed the local air quality requirements at minimal expense.

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