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Case Study: Basford Gasworks Remediation Project, Nottingham


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The soils washing installation now owned and operated by HBR was formerly used by Kinatex Heijmans Joint Venture to process contaminated soil at the Basford Gasworks site. The project was the first major land based application of soils washing technology in the UK with in excess of 150,000 tonnes of soil successfully processed.

Treatability Phase

In the autumn of 1996, LHJV were contracted by BG Properties to undertake a laboratory based treatability study, designed to establish the effectiveness of Soils Washing on the range and levels of contaminants present within the Basford Gasworks soil.

The testing showed that the target clean-up values stipulated for re-use on-site could be achieved at economic rates. This resulted in LHJV being appointed as the nominated specialist soils washing sub-contractor for the main site remediation
scheme when the full project went out to tender.

Site Remediation Phase

As specialist soils washing sub-contractor, LHJV were responsible for:

  • Supply and operation of soils washing installation
  • Clean product performance guarantee
  • Plant throughput performance guarantee

Clean product was validated on a daily basis by Parkman Environmental

Selective excavation was employed to minimise the volume for treatment and maximise plant throughput.

Average production achieved over the project was 200 tonnes per week. Total quantity treated 152,000t.

(LHJV staff involved in this project are now retained by HBR)

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