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Case study - Bespoke Solutions


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5000kg/h animal remains incineration project in accordance with EU WID
Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The purpose of the plant was to dispose of the animal waste associated with Hajj religious festi-val in Makkah Saudi Arabia. During the festival approximately 10,000 tonnes of waste is pro-duced in 4-5 days. Historically this was landfilled. However to eliminate landfill and transport movement the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs commissioned a £30m project includ-ing waste transfer systems, waste reception bunkers, transfer cranes, crushers, delivery convey-ors and the disposal incinerators.


  • 2 off Rotary Primary Combustion Cham-bers operating at 2500kg/h
  • Diesel fired Ignition Burner
  • Automated Combustion Air System
  • Secondary Chamber
  • Diesel fired Secondary Burner
  • Automatic Ash transfer Conveyors
  • Emergency Bypass Systems
  • Hot gas Transfer Ducts
  • 5.9 MW Waste Heat to Hot water Boilers
  • 1 off Set of Hot water pipes
  • Array of fan cooled heat dumps
  • Cool Gas Transfer Ducts
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Storage and Deliv-ery Systems
  • Flue gas Abatement Filtration Plants
  • Compressed Air System
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Sys-tems
  • Remotely monitored control systems
  • Exhaust Chimneys
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Emission Testing

One of the two 2500kg/h hour incinerators featuring;

  • Cylindrical, rotary primary chamber to give maximum agita-tion of the waste and accommodate continuous operation.
  • Two stage vertical secondary chamber with automatic de-ashing utilising a wet bath drag conveyor
  • Pneumatically controlled, fail-safe emergency bypass sys-tem

Each of the 2500kg/h incinerators has it’s own dedicated flue gas treatment plant which features;

  • Waste heat boiler with self-manging heat dissipation circuit
  • Twin cyclone towers removing large particulates and dis-persing powdered reagent into the flue gas stream
  • 5 pod modular bag house filter with hibernation mode pro-tecting filter bags during system down –time

A bank of air blast coolers form part of the heat dissipation cir-cuit which features;

  • Duty/standby pump sets
  • Automatic system management including top-up and hi-bernation mode protecting the system between operation periods
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) switchover system to provide a safe shutdown following a loss of mains power


Due to the complex nature of the overall project, close management was required to ensure the bespoke solution integrated as required into the entire system. In order to meet deadlines the installation phase of the project was a 24/7 process using teams working in shifts.

Matthews Environmental Solutions have now been approached by the Makkah Development Council, now in control of the installation, to provide options to adapt the system to inciner-ate other waste types.

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