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700kg/h animal remains incineration project in accordance with EU WID (Waste Incineration Directive 200/76/EU) Chrzanów , Poland


The purpose of the plant was a combined waste disposal / energy recovery. In-stalled at a large meat processing plant the plant was designed to process approxi-mately 700kg/h per of crushed animal remains and recover energy in the form of saturated steam which was exported back into the processing factory.
Ash from the waste was also recovered and sold for soil remediation


  • Crusher and wet transfer conveyors
  • Bin handling systems
  • Ram loader for whole animals
  • Rotary primary combustion chamber
  • Vertical secondary combustion chamber
  • Gas burners and combustion air system
  • Automatic ash conveyor
  • Emergency bypass system
  • Set of hot gas transfer ducts
  • Emergency water spray system
  • Waste heat to steam boiler and steam pipework
  • Set of cool gas transfer ducts
  • Activated carbon/sodium bicarbonate storage and delivery system
  • Flue gas abatement filtration plant
  • Compressed air system
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Sys-tems
  • Remotely monitored control system
  • Exhaust Chimney
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Emission Testing

Extended primary chamber residence time ensures a high quality white, calcined ash.
The ash was sold on as a soil remediation additive.
Steam produced from the plant was export-ed to the meat processing plant

The advanced modular control system maintains control of the entire installation whilst providing the operator with all information required.
Safety interlocks and an remote monitoring and management system provide added safety for the 24/7 operation of the plant.
An integrated data logger maintains a log of all critical data

In order to comply with EU WID, it was neces-sary to design and install a flue gas abatement system comprising of activated carbon/sodium bicarbonate storage and delivery system, bag house filter, induced draught fan and continu-ous emissions monitoring system.
A compressed air network provides the air re-quired to operate reverse jet cleaning systems integrated into the boiler and bag house filter.


The system was handed over to the client on schedule and to specification. The client has ex-perienced many successful years of operation and has returned to Matthews Environmental Solutions with further equipment requirements.

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