Case Study - Billy Bowie


Courtesy of Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S

Key facts

Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd.

Moorfield Industrial Estate


Simon Moos solution
KSA—Mobile sludge dewatering

Customer profile

Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd. is a well established Scottish company providing a broad range of services and skills to local authorities and indus¬try throughout the UK. With its head office based at Moorfield Industrial Estate in Kilmarnock and depots throughout the UK it is a company well placed to serve the wet waste industry.

From its origins in 1991 with one vehicle, Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd. has grown to be one of the most modern operations within the industry and now boasts an impressive fleet of 70 vehicles that includes Gully suckers, Articulated sludge carriers, Liquid ring, high performance tankers, Various rigid vacuum tankers with capacities from 1000-4000 gallons, Jet-Vacs and KSA - mobile sludge dewatering units from Simon Moos.

Decission : Invest to reduce costs!

Billy saw the need to reduce not only his running and disposal costs but also his company's carbon footprint and made the decision to invest in the well tested Moos sludge dewatering systems and purchased the chassis mounted KSA mobile sludge dewatering unit. Billy Bowie is using the KSA to various service jobs that includes:

Septic tank and interceptor cleaning.

  • Car washes.
  • Gully emptying and drain cleaning.
  • Culvert Cleaning.
  • Grease traps.
  • All aspects of factory cleaning and tank cleaning.
  • Oil pollution control

Product facts

The KSA is developed for mobile sludge dewatering in connection with emptying of septic tanks, ser- vicestations, grease traps, petrol & oil seperators, carwash, WWTP, Gullyes etc. etc.

The KSA system is a very effective system, which is characterized by:

  • Large volume reduction - typical > 90 %.
  • High dry matter percentage in dewatered sludge - normally > 15 %.
  • High COD and BOD5 reduction - up to 95%.
  • A mobile system with large draining capacity.
  • A well-tested system with 30+ years development experience.
  • A system where you due to volume reduction obtain an attractive total economy as a result of reduced wages, fuel and depositing costs.

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