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Carbon Credentials

Case study - Birkbeck, University of London


Courtesy of Carbon Credentials

As an organisation, we were struggling to achieve the CRC internal audit requirements. As Birkbeck's main source of knowledge on the CRC, I was responsible for the submission and compilation of the evidence pack, rendering me unable to act as an auditor for this process as I was too close to the problem.

In light of this, and since we are a small organisation with restricted resources, we decided to use a third party to cast a 'fresh eye' over the work compiled. We hoped that a third party would identify any potential errors in the data and gaps in our evidence pack, and give us a good level of assurance in the event of an audit from the Environment Agency.

The Carbon Credentials team were highly knowledgeable and the methodology applied was both thorough and clear. When issues were identified that could not be answered directly, the team not only advised what we should do to seek guidance, but also did so themselves and returned a response in a prompt manner.

All timescales were made clear at the outset, the work was completed on time, and all of the Carbon Credentials employees that were involved in the work impressed us.

This service has been of great benefit to us. We have refined our business processes for the CRC, and our confidence has dramatically increased with regard to future submissions.

The data evaluation has resulted in potential savings on our CRC annual report by clarifying required inclusions of emissions and revising our figures accordingly.

Third party involvement has resulted in a dramatic rise in awareness of the CRC from senior levels of staff, as well as stressing the overall importance of compliance. Overall, the internal audit process exceeded my expectations.

Regarding the ability and conduct of Carbon Credentials, I would say that the team fully met the high expectations we had gained through attending training and workshops, and that the team continue to have my utmost respect. I would like to thank all involved, and I would recommend the team and the service to others.

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