Case study - Bomar Pescados, Brazil


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Bomar Pescados was founded at the beginning of this millennium, when many Brazilian entrepreneurs started to recognize aquaculture as a promising business opportunity.

From the very beginning, the company focused on producing high quality products with a minimal environmental impact. Because the company runs every aspect itself – from hatchery to harvest and processing of the shrimp – Bomar can pride itself on a clean and traceable end product.

350 acres

Bomar’s activities include three shrimp farms, totaling a surface of approximately 350 acres of active nursery ponds, partly supplied with PL by the company’s own hatchery.

320 jobs

Recruiting and training people from the local communities surrounding the farms, Bomar generates approximately 320 jobs on farms and 220 more jobs in the industry.

2,000 tons of shrimp

In total Bomar Pescados produces 3.000 tons of marine shrimp annually, supplying the local retail market with raw, frozen and precooked shrimp.

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