Case Study - BP oil spill bioremediation tests


Courtesy of NRG SAVE INC.

CL Solutions, LLC has completed some internal preliminary testing of Munox SR® at the request of our customers and regulators in the Gulf Region. Although, our products have been used to remediate soil and ground water at numerous locations in the region, these tests were undertaken to verify specific applicability to the BP spill.

Tar Ball Treatment

While manual removal of tar balls is effective when the tar balls are on the surface of the beach, when the tar balls are in an inaccessible area or buried by wave action, manual removal is impractical. Bioremediation may be a solution for the in situ treatment of tar balls. A treatability study was undertaken to verify the effectiveness of Munox SR® to degrade tar balls. A sample tar ball was placed in a Munox SR® solution and has been maintained at room temperature. There were no surfactants, dispersants or nutrients added. The tar ball was removed from the solutions and weighed periodically to determine the amount removed. The tar ball weighed 11.11 grams at the start of the test. After 10 days, the tar ball weight was 6.68 grams. Even though the tar ball may have absorbed water from the solution, the reduction was at least 40%.

Beach Tar

Samples of beach tar were obtained from Pensacola Beach for similar testing. After placing samples on a sand bed in four containers, a solution of Munox SR® was added to the containers. The surface area covered by the tar was measured periodically during the testing. After 5 days, up to 45% of the tar was removed and the underlying sand was not discolored.


These tests verify the effectiveness of Munox SR® to degrade and remove dense forms of the weathered oil. Based on these results Munox SR® can be used with confidence to degrade weathered oil in even the densest forms in areas that are not accessible or where removal by other measures will be even more harmful. Munox SR® will be even more effective in reducing less dense forms of the oil.

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