Case study – BTEX contamination pilot study - gasoline


Courtesy of Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI)

Site: Convenience Store – Pilot Study
Contaminant: BTEX (gasoline)
Soil Type: Silty Clays
Injection Cost: $24,000 (material & labor)
Plume Size (before): 1150 sq. ft.
Thickness: 8 feet (14 to 22 feet bgs)
Plume Size (after): Contamination only exists at edge near heavily contaminated, untreated areas.
Groundwater: About 16 feet bgs


The intent of the Pilot Study was to test whether BOS 200® would clean up the monitor well (MW-15). Implants were placed as sentinel wells on the west edge of the plume to see how this area would be affected by heavy contamination to the west and to the north beneath the building. The implant on the south was designed to track cleanup in the southern portion of the pilot area and make sure no contamination migrated in this direction.

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