Case study - Cell Tower Access Road, Norton, Massachusetts


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Project Name: Cell Tower Access Road

Products: Gravelpave2

Applications:  Road Reinforcement

City: Norton

State/Province: Massachusetts

Install Date:  December 2015

Client: NA

Install Size: 230 sq meters (2,460 sq ft)

Address: NA

Designer:  NA

Contractor: CVS Foundations, LLC


Photography:  Ralph Morgan, NECR

Summary: Custom sizing model 2520 to achieve the needed dimensions for this access road was easily accomplished.  Workers joined one full 2520 roll (8.2 ft/ 2.5 m) and a 1/2 cut roll (4.1 ft/ 1.25m) together to create a total width of 12.3 ft (3.75 m) with an approximate length of 200 ft.

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