Case Study - Christ Church College, Oxford ,UK.


Courtesy of Telegreen Recycling Equipment

Christ Church College, Oxford ,UK. – Christ Church College Oxford implemented a PEL Bin Compactor earlier this year and have seen massive savings in their waste costs.

Philip Tuitehill, Accommodation Manager from the college said “We use the PEL Bin Compactor on our general waste bins. Not only have we greatly reduced our waste costs but we have also reduced the number of bins in the yard which frees up space and makes the area safer. We have implemented compacting our bins and baling our cardboard since we used to put out 22 x 1100 litre bins per week…now we put out 7 per week and have our cardboard collected free”

Waste Cost Analysis

Previous Annual Waste Volume

22 x 1100 Litre General Waste Bins per week @£10 each per lift

New Annual Volume (using PEL Bin Compactor)

7 x 1100 Litre General Waste Bins @£10 each per lift

Bales of cardboard collected free using PEL baler

Annual Savings

Christ Church College Oxford = £7,800 per year

Customer comments

  1. By Christopher McQuale on

    The college could be selling the cardboard on the open market, as this, white paper, and aluminum get the best return per unit weight. CMcQ, P.E. Recycling/solid waste manager, Fort Belvoir, VA, USA (retired)